What is a Duvet and Duvet Cover – Getting Yours Today

What is a duvet? A duvet, also known as a comforter or duvet cover, is essentially an oversized pillowcase that can be filled with down, feathers, wool, or any number of fillings and covered in fabric to be used as a blanket or comforter. What are the benefits of having a duvet? Duvets have many benefits over conventional blankets or comforters including being lightweight and easy to clean, making them ideal if you have trouble lifting heavy objects like conventional blankets or comforters.

Duvet vs Comforter

What’s The Difference? : A duvet (French for down) is a type of bedding filled with down, feathers, or synthetic fibers that can be stored in a cover. Typically found in Europe, Canada, and Australia, it’s quickly making its way into homes worldwide. What exactly is a duvet though? Is it like a comforter? Let’s break down both to see how they differ the difference between a Duvet and Comforter.

Both duvets and comforters are types of bed covers which go over your mattress to keep you warm at night—though their filling differs from one another. One big difference between them is what goes inside them: Whereas most comforters are filled with polyester or cotton batting, traditional European-style duvets use goose down feathers (commonly called eiderdown), or synthetics like flax fiber.

Reasons Why You Need A Duvet and Duvet Covers

There are so many reasons why everyone should consider getting their own duvet. Whether you just want to learn what they are or if you’re actually looking for one, it doesn’t matter because now you can find out everything that you need to know. Check out some of these great benefits:

1) They’re Easy To Wash – Do you hate washing comforters? Well, good news! Because all you have to do with a duvet cover is unzip it and throw it in your washer! It couldn’t be easier.

2) They Look Modern – One reason that a lot of people shy away from duvets is that they think they look outdated. If you feel like yours doesn’t look too fancy but still want something stylish, then don’t worry; there are plenty of modern ones on the market today.

3) Improved Air Quality – Did you know that conventional blankets can cause major problems when it comes to air quality? So, if you enjoy breathing easily while sleeping at night, make sure to get yourself a new duvet instead.

4) It Will Save You Money In The Long Run – Because a duvet will last much longer than regular blankets and comforters, there’s no doubt about it: they save money in the long run! That alone is reason enough to give them a try.

Now, you might have heard that using a duvet without a duvet cover isn’t recommended. But what exactly does using without covers mean? Let me explain… The most important part of a duvet – aside from being comfortable – is its ability to protect your body temperature. When you sleep at night, sometimes your body becomes overheated or starts feeling cold.

With a duvet, though, neither of those things happen as well as possible because its layers serve as an excellent barrier between heat and cold. When you put a duvet into its cover, however, then nothing changes; it’s still protected by layers that keep things cool or warm depending on what time of year it is.

Duvet Sizes and Materials Used

Most duvets are 52 by 74 inches (132 by 188 centimeters) in size, but they can be much smaller. A twin-size duvet, for example, measures 38 by 74 inches (97 by 188 centimeters). The fill power of your cover should be suitable for its size. Covers come in all sorts of materials, including cotton, flannel and satin. Natural material is usually more expensive than synthetic material, although it will feel softer against your skin.

You might want to try both kinds before making up your mind about which one you prefer. It’s also a good idea to buy organic sheets to go with your organic comforter or quilt, if you’re into that sort of thing. One other thing that comes with almost every duvet or comforter set is shams . A sham fits over your pillow to match the rest of your bedding set; there’s not really anything special about them except that they look nice when combined with everything else on your bed.

Duvet Cover Colors

A duvet cover can be made from synthetic, natural or organic materials. The most popular covers are cotton, silk or microfiber. For those who love their duvets but want to keep it more green, there are options such as bamboo covers or recycled cotton covers. Most manufacturers of duvet covers will offer several different color choices.

Many customers also purchase two or three additional covers to change up the look of their bed at different times of year; some choose one color for spring/summer, another for fall/winter, while others just switch things up with each season’s fashions. It’s completely up to you how you want your bedroom to feel.

However, before you buy your new set consider what colors make you feel happiest? Or maybe even see if any of your other furniture features these colors? By choosing colors that complement existing pieces in your room (bedspread, sheets, curtains) will help create a cohesive room design that looks attractive.

To determine which color to select, first establish what mood you wish to achieve throughout your home. Is your focus on cheerfulness, relaxation or romance? How do you envision yourself relaxing after a long day at work – indulging in comfort food on cozy sofa or curled up under warm blankets on soft bed? Most people however choose green duvet cover or covers because of its nature color.

Where To Buy Duvets

Just like you’re not limited to purchasing just any ol’ set of sheets, you also don’t have to get any ole duvet cover. There are a number of retail outlets that carry duvets, including home furnishing stores, department stores and online retailers. However, many people look for items they want on places like eBay before buying them from more traditional vendors. It all depends on where you go shopping and what you’re looking for.

Whatever type of retailer you choose, take into consideration how easy it will be to return or exchange an item that doesn’t fit properly. Sometimes returns can be difficult if certain stipulations aren’t met and can sometimes require quite a bit of back-and-forth communication between customer service representatives as well as shipping costs back and forth between parties.

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