8 Safe Driving Tips for Beginners, Teen and First-Time Drivers

8 Safe Driving Tips for Beginners, Teens and First-Time Drivers


Going on the road for the first time can be daunting for a beginner, teen or first-time driver. With the right info on the safe driving tips beginners or first time drivers must observe, you will be good to go and this article provides you not only with the tips but actionable steps to take.

1. First thing you must do when you enter the car and sitting behind the steering wheel is to put on your seatbelt. This seems common sense and easy to do but many fail to do so and become aware only when they either see a law enforcement officer on the road or until after an accident occurs.

2. Accelerate slowly.

Buckling up in the seatbelt, you are ready to move the car. As this is not a how to drive article, I won’t be speaking on ignition and others in this article.

An empty street may look tempting for going over a certain speed limit as no car or other road users are in sight. Don’t fall for that temptation.

Accelerate slowly when on the road since sudden acceleration can cause a jerk that can see you flying through the windscreen. Many cars will whizz pass you tempting you to try to speed up to also overtake others.

Don’t get carried away. You are not in a race to prove who is the fastest. Your reason for being behind the steering wheel is so you can easily move from one place to another safely. Arrive late than dead midway in the journey.

2. Hold the wheel steady.

Another safe driving tips for beginners that seems basic is holding the wheel steady. Many instead of holding the wheel steadily hold it anxiously and too stiff that defeats the purpose. Alertness is required on the street and a steady grip on the steer will make it easy for you to turn the wheel appropriately in each situation.

3. Brake gently.

Always try to brake gently. Braking at once or all of a sudden can result in skidding which may result in lost of control of the steering wheel. Apply gentle, steady pressure to the brake pedal until your car rolls to a complete stop

4. Maintain a safe speed.

Don’t over-speed and especially when there are other cars in front of you on the road. Maintaining of a safe speed will give you much response time should there be a situation that may result in an accident. You may be careful on the road but can same be said of the others?

5. Follow at a reasonable distance.

Just like maintaining a safe speed, you need to maintain a reasonable distance between you and the car ahead of you.

6. Be aware of road signs.

Road signs are important. Take notice and comply accordingly. Try as much as possible to be conversant with most of the road signs and their meaning before you sit behind a steering wheel to drive.

7. Choose your lane carefully.

Choose your lane carefully. And be timely about it too. You don’t want to find yourself on a wrong lane that may result in collision with another car.

8. Communicate effectively.

If you want to inform cars behind you that you want to turn left, use the appropriate indicator and give enough notice before you do so. Try as much as possible to effectively communicate what you intend doing to other road users before you do so to avoid unpleasant situations.


It may look daunting to drive on a busy street but once you follow these simple tips and are careful on the road, you will gain confidence daily.

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